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The Unexpected Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are plenty of variations of braiding for long hair in modern hair art. They differ in location, number and shape.

Here is the best selection of creative braided hairdos for all occasions.

Dutch braided wreath

Enormous back bun

Five-stranded French braid

The braided band with wavy locks

Cornrows and a low knot

Twisted braids with loose hair

Tightened fishtail

How gorgeous look this extremely long braid in fishtail design. This is an ideal option for school hairdo, you can decorate it with different bows to create much more solemn image. However, an adult woman may also try it without any additional accessories, just a strict, refined braid.

Delicate side braid

This braid is done in such delicate way that it seems very light and restrained. It is started on the back and falls on the side by continuing with wavy strands. The loose character of this beauteous hairdo seems so sophisticated and will be definitely admired by passers-by.

The colorful diversity of cornrows

Look at this unforgettable idea of cornrows! If you like this design, you should firstly dye hair gray and pink and only after that, create this type of braids. The mix of two colors acquires very bright solution and this hairdo can be styled in a tail or simply unbind.

The braided top with rosette

Woman’s mood is so changeable: sometimes it is impossible to choose what is closer – refinement or a little negligence. This hairstyle combines both sides: two braids on the crown forms a lovely rosette on the back, which is supplemented by a completely loose hair.

From one braid into two

This is not a simple division of one braid on top into two single patterns. These braids have very unusual weaving: each of them contains a small braid, so the hairstyle presents complicated work. This hair art is appropriate for small girls, who can decorate it with such cute bows.

Blonde cornrows fantasy

The cornrows are highly popular among the Afro-Americans because their thick hair is exactly what is needed for this design. In this case, the contrast between the blond, long hair and dark skin is vivid and memorable, particularly due to this catching styled top.

Greek braids updo

There are many alternatives in braided hair art, thus, here are seen two braids from both sides and the rest hair that is tucked on the nape. The Greek updo for blonde hair looks a bit messy but this careless image is fully appropriate for this type of hairdo, the naturalness is always in trend.

French braiding inside out

This braid is a universal hairdo, which suits almost any kind of clothes beginning with denim to evening dresses. It starts on the crown and presents the outstanding weaving of two strands. This hairstyle is done carefully without extravagance, which is both serious and attractive.

Wide fishtail for dark blonde hair

Among a great variety of different hairstyles, you may find this wondrous variant of wide fishtails. It takes its beginning on the nape and is performed in a quite freestyle. This hairdo has a perfect look with any colors of hair but the most natural image is achieved with the blonde base.

Braided top with curly creativity

Is your target to impress people and be a real superstar? Then this hairstyle of unpredictable green and black coloring is for you. The top includes a big number of thin braids, which transform into picturesque curly strands. The union of these two colors is not typical for hairdo but anyway, it is a cool work!

Skeleton fishtail with a braid in the middle

If you have a bright imagination it will have no difficulty for you to diversify the general braid interpretation. Here the fishtail is executed in a highly loose manner with a thing braid within it, which resembles a skeleton. Of course, you should be careful not to spoil this indescribable loveliness.

Floral weaving updo

This classy hairdo has many advantages: it is practical, lovely and fashionable, notably with such pretty flowers ornament. The updo is composed by a complex braids interweaving, which is tightened on the nape by hairpins. It is difficult to imagine more romantic image than this one!

Pretty fishtail with barrettes

This is one more example of hairdo for a long wig. In order to design it, firstly plait a French braid on one side. If the hair is dark and curly it is a good chance to play on contrast by decorating this excellent image with small white barrettes along the braid.

Easy half-up braids

The long, healthy hair usually does not need special hairstyling, just some interesting detail to add diversity to your look. For instance, you can start with these thick braids that are combined in mutual one. The thicker hair you possess the more massive this hairdo will appear.

Yellow cornrows ponytail

Are you an open-minded and bold person? Think then about this bright hairstyle. The yellow thin cornrows are tied in a ponytail on the crown. This glaring image looks like a masterpiece on girls with black skin and varied accessories, such as sunglasses can create an unforgettable impression.

Back braid with a bun

Think about common bun design but from the various points of view: it can be supplemented by the braid on the back. The idea of a braid that smoothly flows into a big bun is on the one hand, unassuming but on the other hand, original enough. What makes the hairdo more prominent is the contrast of blonde hair with black roots.

Waterfall braids innovation

With this awesome hairstyle, you make a concrete accent on the beauty of your hair by means of these sweet thin braids, which nicely frame it. The number of braids depends on your preferences, however, they should serve as an elegant and tender addition.

Long braid with plaited sides

If one modest braid in your style is too simple for you, the professional may create the outstanding composition like these two braids on the sides together with a central one along the head. This work has a surprising geometric look with extraordinary braid plaiting.

Bridal braided updo

This is a glorious suggestion for a wedding hairdo. It needs long hair and a lot of patience and efforts, as it represents the highly complicated image. The hair is gathered up and resembles twisted braid with wavy bang fixed back. What is more, this marvelous updo is adorned with a decorative, gold branch.

Internal braid form

You have so many variants of braid plaiting if your hair is long and thick. Here the idea of the wide braid with a thin internal one is fully illustrated. This hairdo does not embrace the whole hair, the braid only comprises the external strand, leaving the wig inside.

Quick one side braid with fixation

This fascinating braid can be easily performed at home. To start with, you should take two inches of hair back and down and elastic each section. Then repeat this action by adding hair from the back and the rest hair part to the side like a base for the lovely braiding image.

Intricate weaving updo and a knot

The following pattern is difficult to copy: the crafty plaiting around the head finishes on the back in the form of a braided knot. This well thought work suits for everyday wearing and some special events. Be ready that this updo is not only entertaining but also completely opens the neck and the forehead.

Side Dutch braid with a fishtail

Are you a fan of interesting innovation in your style? Take a close look at this cute fishtail braid on the. Besides, you leave the whole other side completely free to create more casual and informal image that is an ideal design for wavy hair. To be laconic means to be stylish with this hairdo.

Two buns of cornrows on the top

Somebody may say that this hairstyle resembles two big horns on the head. But the real fashion-mongers know how trendy this design is. To achieve this result, create a multiplicity of African cornrows and only then twist these stunning buns on the top. It looks incredible with very long hair.

Light subtle breath

This hairstyle proposes an amusing design for ombre styled hair, who prefer wearing loose hair but at the same time want to bring interest in already regular image without any difficulty. This interesting plaiting is natural and subtle, which is a superb choice for the summer season.

Ornamental forehead braid

This two-minute hair art will be a godsend for too busy people, who can not spend a lot of time styling their hair. The only thing you need to do is to braid the front strand and to fasten it on the side. Such simple design opens your forehead and makes your style exquisite and graceful.

The macrame inspired

Have your own style of careless beauty with a help of this striking hairdo. Despite the fact that this half-up work of braids is done with hair, the image possesses the best traditions of macram? technique. The top braid is divided into two bewitching ones with a slight messy presentation.

Classic updo with twisted details

Here is a nice variant of festive hairdo with wonderful braided interweaving on the back and twisted strands on both sides. This hairstyle looks memorable also due to the hair coloring: blonde locks on the dark base make the contrastive composition.

Double braided top and sides patterns

This image is full of creative suggestions starting with the hair color, which is yellow with orange ombre. Two identical braids on the crown and one the sides change our attitude to the classical hair art. This unusual hairdo will be appealing for bold and unpredictable girls.

Dutch braid in the side ponytail

The design of ponytails has a large number of variations but this one is complemented with a magnificent Dutch braid on the side. The loose character of the hairdo adds the notes of easiness and if you choose this image for a walk or picnic in the countryside, you will not regret.

Polished divided braid

The owners of thick, long hair have a great opportunity to create this unbelievable pattern on their head. The massive braid starts on the forehead and stretches along the head and are divided on the nape. This division performs two functions simultaneously: fixes the hairdo and designs peculiar image with black hair.

Picked half-up with a fishtail braid

The half updo for long hair combines perfectly with a fishtail. This design and appropriate hair color resemble the form of wheatear, which was always modern in the countryside. The airy hairstyle can be disregarded by the judges of natural, demure goodliness.

Bridal French braiding and a fishtail on one side

The wedding is one of the most memorable events in the life of any girl and this hairdo makes you shine during it for sure. It consists of two types of braids: French plaiting and fishtail. The hairstyle is done on one side and has a cool accent in the shape of bridal chain with pearls.

Messy braid with a twisted crown

Never reject the idea to try something new or unusual like this compelling braided hairstyle. Here the twisted top is united with low braid, which is executed in rather loose design. This fancy hairstyle looks superb with some casual clothes, for example, T-shirt, cardigan and jeans.

Waterfall braid with an involute ponytail.

The mix of braid and low ponytail presents an interesting result. Starting on the forehead the braid is inserted in an involute part of ponytail forming a massive hairstyle composition on the back. Take this option if you go to the theater or want to spend time in the cinema.

Four braids interweaving in Renaissance style

The old traditions acquire new turns in hair art but the braids design never loses its honorable place in it. Since this fantastic plaiting consists of four braids, which transform into three sections, reminds about the past hairstyles but look fashionable according to today’s perception of beauty.

Braid – basket on the back

This is a highly extravagant braid that includes a complicated plaiting of several strands, which form resembles a basket. The spectacular braiding section is framed and has a conical shape. It is wider on the top and then finds the continuation in the ponytail.

Double heart braids

It is difficult to find something more lovely than this fair hairdo. It presents two layers of design: the front one and the identical back composition. Each low braid looks as a separate unit. This hearts will be a nice variant for a romantic evening or celebration of St Valentine’s Day.

Wide front braid band

The hair band is very convenient and helpful innovation in the beauty industry. But have you ever tried to perform it just with your hair strands? The front braid opens brow and looks incredible with long, curly hair. You can also increase this stylish image by adding such extremely thin braids on sides.

Ponytail with a fishtail braid innovation

This is rather an unusual view on the standard ponytail. Here it is complemented with a short braid that ties the end of the hairdo, which is untypical but very effective. If you want to have any bright notes in your hairstyle – use bow, for instance, it will create rather a festive image.

Carousel form of a braid

Do you desire to take the best from the life? Start with this unbelievable hairdo, which is executed as a spiral of the braid along the whole hair. Apart from the creative plaiting, the necessary result is achieved due to the amazing hair color: the lighter braid successfully brightens the brown hair shade.

French braids updo

This cute hairdo embodies femininity and is simple enough to be for everyday wearing. Two French braids are crossing on the nape and the ends are tucked in a pretty knot. This image is for girls, who like the convenience and prefer to keep their hair off the neck.

Pompous inside out braid

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this hairstyle – is that it is really gorgeous and adorable. The long, black, a bit loose braid in inside out design will make your day! You will feel confident and seductive with such captivating hairdo, which starts high on the top.

Twisted ponytail with sides’ braids

In case you cannot decide how to decorate your ponytail and make it more interesting, the best idea will be to include braids in your hairstyle. Two sides’ braids that are twisted around the ponytail produce playful mood and suits energetic people.

Braids crown on the back

Let’s make a slight step to the past, when the intricate hairstyle with braids was on the top of popularity. This design of a circled braid looks like a real crown on the head. But what strikes the most in this updo are two very thin braids inside the wreath – nice and extraordinary!

Braids-twins in inside out design

Two long braids hairdo is a classical school variant, however, this image is so unusual and convenient that adults also do not miss an opportunity to use it. If two braids design is too ordinary, try this double option of two central braids and two sides ones in inside out design. They look very strict and well-ordered.

Surprising half up cornrows

This idea is proposed for girls, who want to have cornrows but not with the full hair length. The stylist will take only the hair strands up to your nape, the rest hair you can curl or leave to fall on freely. The cornrows are done in such way that they resemble plaiting semicircle on the head.

Low ponytail with double braids on sides

There are so many varieties of ponytails with braids and this one presents two layered work. The first braids cover the sides and stretch behind the ears, while the second one takes a bit higher section. Eventually, all braids are united together in one wonderful ponytail.

Racy half updo with a braid in the middle

The rainbow hair color and captivating hairdo complement each other and create something unbelievable beautiful and bright. The front strands on the side are twisted on the back with a long, loose braid. This extremely vivid half updo is for brave girls, who desire self-expression.

From two into one fishtail braid idea

The originality of fishtail braid design is liked by many women and here you can see a union of three braids in one hairstyle. The different shades of hair color make accents on some elements, thus, the braids on top possess darker coloring that provides a delightful effect on a brown base.

Wild hairstyle with a bouffant ponytail and a side braid

Sometimes we need something crazy and unpredictable. You can start changing your hairstyle, which will shake your life for sure. A high top with a strict braid on the side and the bouffant ponytail is a necessary peppercorn in the image. Make a bright makeup and you are ready to visit a rock concert.

One-sided Dutch braid

This is a very romantic image that will be appealing to young, tender girls. The long hair is regarded a dignity for women but when it is performed in such fantastic way, it leaves no chance for men to survive. One-sided braid in Dutch style is a worthy addition to an elegant style.

Braided bangs on the top

This quick hairdo is the very good choice if you do not have much time for hair styling but anyway, want to look stylish. The plating on the top is rather modern in hair art, especially with loose, wavy locks. So, extend the common standards and take this cute sheaf behind the braid.

There united braids in exciting option

If you are not good at braiding, leave this work to a professional. There are three braids: the central one and two on both sides, which are combined in one wide complicated hairdo. Try this incredible idea for work, study or just for a walk in the park with your friends.

Outstanding braid-snake

The longer your hair, the more impressive result can you get. Here the loose hair is supplemented by waterfall braids, which are united creating zigzag form along the hair like a snake. This is your unique chance to be number one in any companies with such creativity!

Wedding updo with a side braid and bun

The wedding hairdo should be graceful and restrained enough, all these characteristics perfectly combined in this updo. To realize this design, make a low bun with a bouffant and a side braid. You will get a look of elegant lady with a sophisticated hairstyle – wonderful idea for such an important event in life.

Asian cornrows tied on the top

The love to cornrows is typical not only for Afro-Americans, the Asians take this interesting hairstyle as well by adding some eastern detail like these cute metal accessories on the ends of each braid. Here the hair is tied in oddball on the crown except for some front braids.

Half braids updo in Viking style

The half updo is used from the ancient times but nowadays it acquired modern framing. Start your hairdo with a thin braid from the forehead and then unite it with a wider braid one on the side. The contrast between two ways of plaiting and a high braided top makes a strong point in this hair art.

Parted fishtail braid

The braid is a universal hairdo that will be appropriate for an evening dress of T-shirt with jeans. This variant of braid illustrates a gorgeous look, where the fishtail braid is segmented into several parts and each of them is fixed. Such design differs from others, thus, your uniqueness is guaranteed.

Loose half-up fishtail braid

This easy and quick hairstyle is addressed to very busy people. Style this splendid, loose enough fishtail braid with the messy top. There is no need to pay attention to details – the neutrality and easiness are the main peculiarities of casual style. This image of the beautiful nymph is for gentle girls.

Braided side with a ponytail

This hairdo illustrates how wonderful can look the simple ponytail with a smart side. Here the side section is braided in a semicircle and twisted around the ponytail. This side creativity is usually done on one side to adorn the hairstyle but not to overdo it.

Solemn updo with a crown bride

The important occasions like wedding need a special hairstyle, as pompous and incredible as this event. This sweet updo is a good option in this case: the fishtail braid around the crown is included in a marvelous low knot with a front stand twisted in this breathtaking composition as well.

Conventional three strands braid

There is an opinion that the long, thick braid enhances the woman’s beauty, which is difficult to refute. Even if you are a conventional person and do not like to experiment with your hair, the standard braid will always look refined and up-to-date, as this hairdo does not become obsolete.

Double Dutch braids with loose hair

One more interesting variant for long hair can be noticed here. The model with two identical braids on the back and a little curly hair is amazing from the aesthetic point of you. The wide Dutch braids organically emphasize the loveliness of thick, healthy hair. This hairdo seems perfect for summer days!

Fishtail braid with half up rosette decorations

The flowers are one of the best adornments, which can be used in hair art. But here we see a fantastic combination of the rosette braided hair with decorative florets. They form a pretty wreath on the crown and some of them are included in a loose fishtail braid. This is a ravishing look for a bride.

Half updo with parallel braids

This model shows how wonderful a simple braided style can be. You do not need a lot of effort to create two parallel braids on the sides and unite them with a central one, which starts from the forehead. This geometric-shaped pattern looks very accurate with curly, natural hair.

Asymmetrical ponytail and a crown braid

Asymmetry is always in trend and this marvelous idea of hairdo with a ponytail confirms this point. The braid covers the forehead and stretches along the left side to the ponytail. The strong division in your hairstyle makes a cool accent in the image. Not be shy and do it!

Ladder waterfall braids

This half up design is aimed to help you to diversify the everyday style and create something unforgettable with your hair. The long hair allows you to get this creativity, which consists of two interrelated waterfall braids that in the form of the ladder embellish your hairstyle.

Styled ponytail with braided sides

This image of a high ponytail has a classy look due to the plaiting innovations. Two braids on the side take their continuation in the ponytail. Moreover, this hairdo is supplemented by a bouffant top that brings the notes of stubbornness and contrariness. This hairstyle helps you to be in the limelight like a famous star!

Bubble braids in an interlocking design

Here is a masterpiece of hair art, which needs a lot of time to implement this classy idea. Two braids are performed in the middle of fixed strands on the side. Each of the bubbles is interlocked with neighbor one creating an intricate pattern, which finally flows into a low ponytail.

Upper and under braided hairdo

The under braid is an untypical design for our perception, that is why it strikes our imagination. But what about adding this braid with an upper one and tie everything in a central braid, which is also full of surprises. It presents the magnificent interweaving of a thin braid with a big one.

Fabulous side braid in a twisted ponytail

Sometimes the messy hairstyle looks so cute that many women prefer to bring a little chaos in their style. You can try wavy locks with an unbelievable, wide fishtail braid on the side. Unite this braided section with a twisted ponytail, leaving some curls to fall arbitrarily.

Super idea of braided side and loose hair

This appealing image confirms that the hairdo can be both tender and audacious. The long, curly hair seems very gentle, while these two braids on the side demonstrate provocative charm. This model in a leather jacket and with moderate makeup expresses confidence and fascination that is cool!

Exotic inside braid on one side

The plaiting interpretation is a new genre of hair art. There is a big contrast between the inside braid and the strands, which cover it that induces different associations. Eventually, they are combined in one low braid on the side. This unusual design of hairdo is worth taking!


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